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The word equity with a lowercase “e” is defined as “the quality of being fair and impartial.” When the word is spelled on our website with a capital “E,” it pertains to Equity Theatre and is correlated to Actors’ Equity Association. Being an “Equity” theatre means that the theatre has a contract with Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the U.S.
Aside from setting minimum pay scales for qualified actors that have been vetted through their experience and previous paid gigs, Equity provides protections for artists that include regular breaks, set work hours, eligibility for health insurance, benefits, retirement, healthy and safe working environments, etc. Being an Equity theatre also offers a certain standard of professionalism throughout its entire company. This includes top-quality performances based on the fact that all of the performers you see on stage are professionals who do this for a living, as opposed to performing as a hobby.
In the business world, the mark of professionalism is most often linked to pay. However, “professional” can also refer to the quality of something. In the case of Charleston Playhouse, we will be providing both. Our intent is to bring not only professional quality productions to our audiences, but also to pay all of our artists (union and non-union) a competitive weekly salary. It is time to not only support the arts, but the ARTISTS in our community!
Charleston Playhouse will be a regional theatre with an LOA (Letter of Agreement) referenced to LORT (League of Resident Theatres) contract with Equity. That puts Charleston Playhouse on a different tier that allows us to employ not only Equity actors and other non-equity professionals, but also professional designers and technicians who have plied their trade on Broadway and in other regional theatres. We will also be offering internship opportunities to students at the surrounding colleges and universities which will help further the careers of our future generations.
We will be producing a national level of talent in Charleston to entertain the community by bringing in Broadway performers from New York City and all over the country, as well as giving local professionals the opportunity to further their careers by compensating them with a competitive weekly salary and offering them points towards Actors’ Equity Association membership. This will help put Charleston on the global map as a premier tourist destination for regional theatre, which will generate economic growth and development opportunities for our hospitality and tourism industry. For the first time, local Charleston artists will be able to stay in Charleston to pursue their crafts rather than having to move to another city to find equitable work in order to further their careers.
Charleston Playhouse will be producing four dazzling, large-scale musicals each season and an annual Cabaret Gala!
Yes! Performers and technicians alike will have the opportunity to work alongside established designers, technicians, stage managers, and performers. EVERYONE will be paid!

Arts communities need widespread, multi-faceted expressions of all types of art to thrive. Theatre communities are at the peak of health when they feature a variety of styles and concepts, with opportunities for theatre makers of all levels of experience and training. All types of theatre companies are needed to create an environment of growth and exchange, while also creating well-rounded and experienced performers. The Lowcountry boasts a wide array of theatre companies who specialize in everything from musical reviews, experimental and original works, to educational programming, but what it does not have is a professional regional Equity theatre. Charleston Playhouse will be the first theatre of this kind in the Lowcountry and will be an exciting addition to all that Charleston has to offer.

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